WXTide32 release history

Version 4.7 2007/2/25

Version 4.6 2006/6/30

Version 4.5 2006/3/9

Version 4.4 2006/2/27

Version 4.3 2005/12/27

Version 4.2 2005/07/22

TCD and libtcb limitations for WXTide32: 1) Writing to the TCD file is not supported. 2) Prediction spans are limited to 1970-2038. 3) Slack current time offsets are ignored. 4) No support for displaying restriction, comments, or notes text. 5) If present, Legalese text pops up when station is selected.

Version 4.1 2005/06/17

Note about version 4.1: Secondary station processing has undergone a rewrite so that level multipliers and level offsets are more accurately applied. While the new algorithm is more robust, it is slightly slower than the original. To revert to the older method, start the program just once with the switch -subproc 0 on the command line, then save the configuration.

Version 4.0 2004/01/30

Version 3.1 2003/01/20

Version 3.0 2003/01/12

Version 2.9 2002/11/20

Version 2.8 2002/10/09

Version 2.7 2002/02/20

Version 2.6 2000/01/20

Version 2.5 1999/09/16

At last! It took far too long but everything finally came together to get some of these nagging bugs fixed. Many thanks to Jacob Navia for finding and fixing a really nasty optimization error in his excellent FREE LCC-win32 C compiler and IDE.

Version 2.4 1998/09/10

Version 2.3 1998/08/12

Version 2.2 1998/06/20

Version 2.1 1998/03/27

Version 2.0 1998/03/18

This is a major release with lots of changes "under the hood" in the tidal prediction engine, much better Region/Country/State parsing and, as always, some bug corrections. Because of all these changes, please report any problems via the Contact page. I have tested this version every way I can think of but am still a bit apprehensive.
NOTE: The Index file format for subordinate stations has been changed to support the definition of both level multipliers and offsets for the same tide. Version 2.0 will not work with index files from previous versions unless you are only using reference stations.

Version 1.3 1998/03/10

New on 1998/03/01: Added a new location for downloading the latest version of WXTide32 to the Download page. Our dock-neighbor (yes, our home is the sailing vessel 'Horizon') has graciously provided FTP space for the full, self-extracting version of the program at ShipsStore.com (nautical accesories and boat supplies). This download is now FTP so it should be fast and easy.

Version 1.21 1998/02/26

Version 1.2 1998/02/20

Version 1.1 1998/02/10