Sailing Vessel Horizon

Rafiki 35, Hull #12

'Horizon' transiting Pedro Miguel Locks, Panama Canal 10/93

When this site debuted in 1997 we had just returned from cruising and I was writing WXTide32. But life soon threw some spectacular curves. One result is Joyce and Pumpkin are no longer on Horizon's crewlist and now make their own wake.
On a sad note, Pumpkin, Horizon's intrepid boat cat, passed away on 10/25/2004.

This site is for and about sailing vessel Horizon, our 35 foot Rafiki sailboat. Most of the content is about her 5 year cruise from San Francisco, California through Latin America to Tampa, Florida. But we also have information about her crew, cruising experiences and her current refit for future adventures. I am only just now starting to rebuild this site after an extended period of inactivity so please excuse our construction e-dust.

About Horizon
Learn about Horizon and see what she looks like.
Refit 2003 to 2005
After her long cruise, Horizon needed some TLC. Her refit includes a new Yanmar, rudder, tankage, batteries, and a rebuilt fridge with TropiKool refrigeration.
Cruise Summary
A summary of our 5 year cruise from San Fransisco, CA, through Latin America to Tampa, FL.
What worked for us during the cruise and what we would change next time around.
Cruising Credos
Two big rules of cruising and how we violated both of them.
Some of our favorite places to visit on the 'net.
Crossed Wakes
The best part of cruising: the people and boats we met.
Our Free world-wide tide prediction program for Windows.


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